Where To Start With Missional Communities

Let’s make an assumption. Let’s say you’re here because you want to know how to get started with missional communities or because you’ve started down that path but you’re frustrated and wondering whether you’ve started in the wrong direction.

In this post we want to suggest that when you’re just beginning down the road of missional communities, there might be one road that’s easier than others…

People, plants or places… I help things grow.

Rethinking Your Physical Space for Missional Community

For the last few years, dozens of people have gathered in our home every Monday night for dinner. Most weeks we eat well, like really well, with minimal planning and without a lot of extra time or effort. At this point, it almost feels easy and this gathering carries on in our home even when we’re out-of-town. Of course, it didn’t start this way from the beginning and we want to share some of the lessons we learned (many the hard way) over the last few years.

One of the assumptions that people make when we tell them about our Monday night meals, is that we must live in a big fancy house. The truth is that our house is not small but it is far from fancy and the main things that make our home work well for hosting a missional community are intentional choices that nearly everyone could make (though perhaps not all at the same scale).

In this post I want to focus on just a few choices we made about the actual physical space in our home that makes it easier to host a few dozen people on a regular basis without a lot of extra effort.

People, plants or places… I help things grow.