Coaching Designed For Missional Community Leaders

Leading a missional community successfully starts with you, the leaders. Our coaching framework is focused on developing your character, capacity, and competencies as a missional leader. You will receive strategic insight and practical skills to help you approach MC leadership in a way that is sustainable alongside your everyday life.

What It Looks Like

You will meet online with leaders from up to four other missional communities weekly for six months. We’ll focus both on deep personal growth and on the practical nuts and bolts of leading a healthy missional community. We leave plenty of space for you to bring specific questions from your context for consultation with your coach. More specifically, we’ll cover things like:

  • Building a sense of family united around mission
  • Approaching leadership as spiritual parenting
  • Developing sustainable rhythms of life and mission
  • Practical tips and how-to’s from diverse personal experiences
  • Ongoing assessment and diagnostic tools
  • Planning for movemental multiplication by building a leadership pipeline

What It Costs

$125/mo per team for six months. Jesus seemed to think his disciples worked better in teams of at least two (he even sent two of them just to get a donkey). So, we’ve designed our coaching for teams of two leaders. If you lead with your spouse, we hope you’ll join coaching together. The same is true if you’re unmarried or lead a missional community with someone other than a spouse. If you lead alone, that’s okay too, join coaching and we’ll teach you how to raise up more leaders!

If you have questions, need more information or are ready to sign up, fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you: