You Need A Guide.

When you feel lost in the woods, a map won’t help you much. You need a guide. When you’re trying to take new Kingdom territory, but keep running into obstacles that hinder your progress, you need someone who knows the paths that lead around, over, or through what is holding you back. You need a guide who has travelled the territory many times already and can help you plot a course to the destination you’re hoping for.

We’ve been there. Each member of our team has been where you are. We’ve felt lost in the woods and longed for a guide to show us the way through. We have navigated the paths of missional community leadership in diverse contexts from cities to the suburbs. We don’t have all the answers, but we do know what the destination looks like first hand and we know many paths to get there.

Here we publish some field notes from our journeys, we think you will find them helpful. You will also find the opportunity to connect with us and join fellow travelers who, like you, just need a little help along the way. God has given you a vision and called you to lead a community in that direction. We can help you lead with confidence and clarity.