Announcing the Leading Missional Communities Podcast!

There is no other form for the Christian life except a common one. Until and unless Christ is experienced as a living relationship between people, the Gospel remains largely an abstraction. Until Christ is passed on personally through faithfulness and forgiveness, through concrete bonds of union, I doubt whether he is passed on by words, sermons, institutions, or ideas.  — Fr. Richard Rohr

We all know this to be true, don’t we? We feel it deep in our bones, in our souls even. It is the contrast formed by Christian community united in love for each other and committed to making the Kingdom of God tangible in the world around them that will truly introduce a skeptical world to Jesus. Missional Communities are the best vehicle that I have found to form this kind of common Christian life united around God’s mission in the world.

Starting one is pretty simple and not actually that hard. But, leading one over time, carefully charting a path toward a healthy lifestyle of family, and paying attention to a balanced orientation (up to God, in with each other, and outward in love for the world) of that family? That is a whole other question. It seems simple enough, but that does not mean it’s easy. If you’ve tried it, you know that it is really hard. Most things worth doing are hard though, am I right?

So okay, it’s hard. Let’s accept that fact and get to work.

We’re here to help. We write as much as we’re able, we lead workshops and we offer coaching for your leadership journey. And we want to do more. What you’re doing as a missional community leader is so important! More important than our theologies, more important than carefully crafted sermons, and certainly more important than managing our institutions.

We just want to be your guide and so we’re starting a podcast as another way of helping you reach your destination.

We think this will be a way to tell more stories, give more examples and even respond to some of the real challenges you’re facing.

Look for the first episode of our new podcast next week…

People, plants or places… I help things grow.

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