How To Use The Power Of Spoken Blessings To Create Covenant Family

Every month our missional community sets aside one night to celebrate the birthdays of anyone born in that month. We alter our normal rhythm slightly to extend the meal time and include birthday cake and other special desserts. The highlight of the celebration is our predictable pattern of speaking blessings over those whom we’re celebrating with that month.

People, plants or places… I help things grow.
Predictable Patterns

Predictable Patterns And Why They’re Important For Mission

Missional Communities have been an effective vehicle for mission for our church and many churches like ours who desire to grow in friendships, grow in their relationship with God but also grow in living on mission. In other words, they combine the “up, in and out” relationships of our lives together in one extended family on mission.

Stephanie Williams is a pastor and church planter in Minneapolis. She has led and launched multiple missional communities and has helped churches around the country to do the same. Her passion is to equip people to live on mission for the Kingdom of God in their everyday lives and ordinary spaces. She leads coaching groups for discipleship and missional communities for 3DM.

Raising Our Kids Within Spiritual Family

As I think on the idea of spiritual parenting within a missional community in the season we are in, what makes me thankful is the way our thirteen year old daughter Haeli continues to find her identity, purpose and kingdom responsibility within this fairly new missional community. She is beginning to step into leadership in small but significant ways. As we try to live and love in the ways of Jesus, this gives me confidence that we continue to head down the right path with our family!

Wife, Mommy, Friend, Daughter of the King. Enjoys loving her family through good food and a warm candlelit table. Morning walks with Andy and games and conversation with her family of four, are essential to a good day. She has loved her little opportunities to travel to different parts of the world and looks forward to more of that. Some of her favorite things include, blue skies, warm breezes, ocean sunrises, good music, Thai noodles and well planned calendars.

Are You Asking Too Little Of Your Missional Community?

A missional community is an extended family size group of people living life together for the good of a specific neighborhood or network of people. They are shaped by regular rhythms of connecting with God (up), with each other (in), and with the people God has called them to love (out). It sounds simple enough but as I talk to church leaders around North America, one thing is growing painfully clear: it’s a lot harder than it sounds and the failure rate is higher than many of us would like to admit.

There are lots of reasons why a missional community might fail. However there is one mistake that is beginning to stand out above all the others. It’s predictable, I see it over and over again and it has a tendency to dramatically limit your success with missional communities right from the very start.

Here is my thesis:

Your missional community is more likely to fail by asking too little than by asking too much from the people you start with.

People, plants or places… I help things grow.